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Philippine Community of Southern New Jersey was founded in June 1986. On September 15,1986, after the by-laws were formulated, the organization was registered as a nonprofit corporation in the state of New Jersey.

On the strength of its charitable, educational, cultural, and scholarship programs, a 501-(c-3) status was granted to PCSNJ by the Internal Revenue Service.  This allowed the organization to raise more funds toward the dream of having a community center as a venue for its programs.





The search for a possible property for the community center began. Fund raising intensified. Involvement of the Filipino community and other organizations were solicited.



On August 29, 2001, PCSNJ purchased a building, which once housed a produce store and two other units of retail space. The purchase could not have happened without the all-consuming desire and relentless efforts of PCSNJ members and their friends, the support of other organizations, and civic minded individuals.

Renovations to the building to comply with zoning requirements for use as a community center started. In the spirit of bayanihan, members participated in the building’s wall demolition, cleaning, painting, carpentry, flooring, tiling, and roofing, and many more construction related efforts. Licensed hired professionals completed other projects such as electrical, plumbing, and architectural plans.

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The center was inaugurated on November 16, 2002.  Additional work on the
parking lot, landscaping and exterior painting followed. Vigorous fund raising
continued to pay for the renovations and the mortgage.

The mortgage of the building was fully satisfied. However, it still needed finances to maintain the Philippine Community Center.  So periodic fund- raising activities continued, and rental of the main hall and conference room were sought and advertised.  Also rental of the two retail spaces were maintained and encouraged. Thus, the organization was able to meet the numerous needs of the community and fulfill its mission of charity, education, and promotion of Philippine culture.





Covid 19 virus pandemic created

financial hardships to PCSNJ and its tenants.

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Volunteers Packing Food

Extending help


We support various worthy causes not only for the benefit of the Filipinos in the USA but also of the Filipinos back in the Philippines.

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