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PCSNJ Father’s Day Chip and Putt outing was a Success

A PCSNJ Chip and putt event was held at Voorhees Golfland on Saturday, June 17,2023. Twenty six registered on that sunny morning.

The goal was to celebrate Father’s Day in a wholesome way. We also wanted to introduce golf to both young and old as a fun outdoor activity.

At the registration, people were introduced to golf terms, like par, birdie, bogey, bunker, fore, mulligan, among others. Some people participated in the free one hour golf lesson given by Master Kim.

Mini golf or 18 hole chip and putt were then played. Once finished, all converged at the picnic area where water, siopao, empanada, clementines and cookies were distributed to all. A closest to the pin game plus raffle prizes enlivened the event. All fathers who attended were given a bag of siopao and a Father’s Day card. We were also able to sing Happy Birthday to our June celebrants. At the end, all gave positive feedback of the event and some expressed interest in having more golf lessons.

The golf committee is thankful to our players as well as our generous sponsors. Net Proceeds will go towards our charitable projects. Through the introduction of Chip and Putt , we hope to recruit more golfers to participate in our PCSNJ golf event on May 11, 2024 and 2nd Chip and Putt Father’s DAY event In June 2024

Submitted by Golf committee || Cochairs Arelyne Pacho-Ramos, Maria Camaiore || Members Arachelle Jose, Chris Rodis


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