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PCSNJ Memorial Service Held at The Community Center on November 5

Since acquiring the Community Center, PCSNJ has continued celebrating many traditional holidays there. One of them Is celebrating All Souls’ Day. On November 5, 2022, PCSNJ sponsored its annual Memorial Service attended by 45+ people from the community.

As only recently deceased names would be read, poster boards were made available for people to write more names of their deceased loved ones from the remote past.

The Saturday morning started with a slide showing of pictures. prepared by Alex Giron and assisted by Chel Rodriguez. Many new pictures were added to the Video montage. They served to help us recall Happy Times with many old Friends. It ended with the singing of “Hindi Kita Malilimutan” led By Chel Rodriguez.

The Memorial Service proper was opened with beautiful liturgical music prepared by Jojo Jordan and Maritz Nieva. With the two readings by Nap Juliano and Efren Salugao, it lifted everyone’s spirit.

Father Peter Lavin, the officiating priest and Director of Alagad ni Maria Order, gave a humor filled and thought-provoking homily. He encouraged those present to announce names for remembrance and blessed those announced, as well as, written deceased loved ones’ names.

During the prayer of the faithful, the names of 33 deceased PCSNJ members were announced by Willie and Alice Halina. Then the 51 names of those who died between Nov 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022 were read aloud by Gloria Salugao and Willie Halina.

Tributes were given.

Auring Aboyme spoke about her daughter Marielle, Precy Gomez about her mother Angela Poliquit, and Gloria Cruz about her husband Bobby.

Emma de Jesus and Ray Cabida spoke about Lita, their sister and mother respectively and Pol Zapata spoke about wife Connie.

We all felt their pain of loss and concluded that making time for family while they were alive was important.

We thank all who made this group effort very heartfelt.

1. Food - Mildred and Salvi

2. Registration/Poster Board -Aiai, Alice

4. Readings- Efren and Nap

5. Music- Chel, Jojo, Maritz, SJ Apostolate Choir

6. Preparer/Readers of deceased list- Clari, Gloria,

Willie and Alice,

7. Setup- Jerry, Purie

8. Sound system- Jerry

9. Table for pictures- Linda

10. Video montage showing- Alex and Chel

11. Cleanup- Nestor, Beth, Liz, Mike, Arelyne

12 Invitations- Manang Aida, Linda, Tina

13. Photography- Carmen

14. Tributes- Emma, RayC, Auring, Precy, Pol, GloC

Lastly, we remember and honor Mommy Vicky Peralta, First Chairperson of The Senior Citizens Committee, who envisioned and started this PCSNJ Memorial Service tradition. May God bless us all! Arelyne Pacho-Ramos Mildred Saldaña Co chairs, Senior Citizens Committee


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