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PCSNJ All Souls Day Memorial Service Saturday, 11/04/2023

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Catholics throughout the world celebrate All Souls Day on Nov 2. In South Jersey, it was celebrated on Nov 4, 2023 at the Philippine Community Center with 45-50 in attendance.

“Death is not the end but rather the door through which we must pass to gain eternal life."

The service started with Alex Giron showing a video montage of pictures of the Deceased.

Father Mike de Leon, parish priest of St Simon Stock Church, led the service.

Father Mike de Leon said that All Souls Day celebration is a day of connection with our deceased, affirmation of the love, respect and honor for them, and a celebration of memories of them while on earth. He pointed out that we need to treat the body of the deceased with great respect and that it is imperative to bury the dead, whether it is the corporal body or the ashes in an urn, as burying the dead is a reminder of hope in the Resurrection.

Names of the recent deceased were then read, after which the audience was given a chance to say the names of their deceased loved ones whom they wanted to connect with.

Tributes were given to three beloved dead by Jon Magpantay for his father, Greg Magpantay, Nida Aguilar for her sister, Connie de la Roca Dimaano, and Ali Magpantay read for our friend, Clem Rosero.

The Memorial Service ended with a delicious potluck lunch of dishes shared by the PC Seniors.

The PC Senior Citizens Committee sincerely thanks all who gave love donations for our priest and sundry expenses.

We also thank the following for their active participation-

  1. Physical Setup - Jerry and Purie Ancheta and Wednesday line dancers

  2. Registration - Aiai Bennett and Margie Lorenzo

  3. Music - Maria Nieva, Jojo Jordan, Linda Juliano, Femy Whitzell, Margie Lorenzo, Aiai Bennett, Arelyne Pacho-Ramos

  4. Readings - Nap Juliano, Efren Salugao

  5. Collation of names and pictures - Clarita Obleada and Arelyne Pacho-Ramos

  6. Announcement of names of deceased - Efren/Gloria Salugao, Willie/Alicia Halina, Betty Corrales, Aida Camba, Eleanor de la Rosa

  7. Sound System - Jerry Ancheta

  8. Food - Mildred Saldaña, Salvi Sta Ana. with generous PC Seniors

  9. Cleanup - Doming Camba and Jerry Ancheta

Respectfully Submitted by:

Mildred Saldaña

Arelyne Pacho-Ramos

Senior Citizen Co-chairs


Pres Elect Linda Juliano


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